The benefits of onboarding a candidate before Christmas.

onboarding candidates before christmas

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As we approach Christmas, many businesses in the UK are winding down for a well-deserved break and recharge. Recruitment and onboarding new team members might be the last thing you are thinking about right now, however, savvy businesses are recognising the benefits of recruiting and onboarding a candidate before Christmas. Here are some key reasons why onboarding pre-Christmas should be on your radar.

Starting the new year with fresh faces can inject some energy into the team, and the business. The onboarding process however can be quite time-consuming.

If you’re likely to come back into a sea of emails and a hectic January, onboarding before the Christmas period can be advantageous. Often December is one of the quietest months of the year for most industries, allowing new starters to get the input they need from managers and colleagues to ensure a positive and effective onboarding.

It allows you more time to properly prepare your new team members, who can then take full advantage of the Christmas slowdown to learn the systems, processes, procedures and meet the team, ensuring they are ready to dive into their new roles in January and start making a positive impact.

This approach not only eases the transition for your new employee but also positions your business on a strong foot at the beginning of the year.

For many businesses, the end of the calendar year also sees the end of their fiscal year. Hiring and onboarding a candidate before Christmas can be smart money-wise. It allows businesses to use up any leftover staffing budget before the year ends, so they don’t lose it.

Plus, having your team all set before the new year kicks off means you can start planning with everyone on board. This approach allows for an efficient use of resources, setting a proactive tone for the year ahead, with a team who are fully prepared to tackle the new challenges.

During the festive season, workplaces are often buzzing and getting involved in team-building events, creating a cheerful atmosphere. This can be a great advantage for new staff members. They will find it easier to build relationships with the rest of the team in a friendly and light-hearted environment

It’s also a brilliant opportunity for them to experience the company culture when it’s at its most vibrant and welcoming. With Christmas parties, festive lunches and even Secret Santa, new employees have a great chance to mingle and bond with not only their direct team but with people from all over the organisation.

The festive season often brings a jovial atmosphere to the workplace. New hires can benefit from this, integrating more easily into the team and experiencing company culture at its best. These gatherings and social activities are the perfect ice break and can help ease new job nerves.

By onboarding your new hire before the Christmas break, you can make sure that your team is fully prepared and eager to get started on new exciting projects in the new year. This ensures that the transition into the new year is a smooth one, that everyone is confident in their roles and that their responsibilities are clear.

This proactive strategy can provide your business with a competitive advantage. Whilst most companies will be scrambling around in January trying to attract talent, your team will be already working actively on projects, driving the business forward.

Onboarding a candidate before the Christmas break can reduce the risk of them reconsidering your job offer. Spending the festive period with their current employer could make them have doubts about leaving. The festive period brings team togetherness and high spirits. Often reflecting on the years’ achievements, advancements and friendships formed.

It’s common for employers to discuss exciting plans for the new year with their teams, which can lead a candidate to question whether they should stay put or join the new company.

Onboarding a new hire into your team before the festive period can ease the transition and help them feel more confident and comfortable with their decision to join your company. This also helps to establish a sense of belonging and security, making them less likely to have second thoughts.

Recruiting and onboarding a candidate before Christmas is a great strategy for businesses looking to make the most out of January and minimise the risk of January nonstarters.

In the final quarter of the year, many candidates reflect on their career paths, life choices and where they see themselves a year from now. This means you have access to a pool of potential candidates who are seriously thinking about a change.

Additionally, the recruitment process tends to be smoother and quicker before the festive season. Many businesses and candidates are keen to wrap things up before the year ends, leading to quicker decision-making and less competition for top talent.

As all the festive decorations go up, it’s the perfect time to finalise your hires and get them on board. To start your hiring process or discuss the benefits of pre-Christmas onboarding, please speak to our team today. By doing the groundwork now, you will be better positioned for the coming year.

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