Driven by the challenges that niche industries bring.

We’re experts in recruiting individuals across niche technical sectors where high performers are hard to come by and often well-retained. 

We understand the frustration of hunting for professionals with the specific skills, industry knowledge, and capabilities to make a real impact in your business, and often once identified they can be increasingly difficult to engage, as in most cases, they are not actively considering a move.

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So what sets us apart?

Creativity! Fearlessly thinking outside the box, we innovate to unearth, attract, and retain high-performing sales and technical talent for our clients.

With the support of a full suite of bespoke sourcing and assessment technology, we can identify and profile candidates with more detail, accuracy and speed.  Many recruitment agencies shy away from the various challenges associated with niche and difficult-to-fill roles, however, at Mase, we relish the opportunity.

Leading our efforts is an experienced team, some of which have over 20 years of operating within our markets.  This has gained us credibility amongst candidates and allowed us to not only develop an extensive network of unique individuals but also the skills to establish their needs and present fitting opportunities.

Operating in niche industries that most recruiters shy away from.

Attracting high-performing professionals across four core disciplines.

See how our niche recruitment service could work for you.

To understand your niche recruitment needs better, we recommended scheduling what we call a ‘discovery call’ with one of our consultants. 

This is a great way to get to know each other and allows us to form the foundation of your unique recruitment strategy, so we can find you the perfect candidate fast.


Our results speak for themselves, but it’s great to hear why employers choose us.

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