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Why partner with Mase Consulting

There are over 30,000 recruitment companies in the UK alone, and all of them are claiming to be the best. This makes choosing the right talent partner quite daunting, that’s where we come in.  Our UK technical recruitment team are here to find you the perfect talent, fast.

We have a proven track record of bringing our clients success . Our approach is personal and bespoke to the client. We take the time to listen to our client’s pain points, what kind of person they want to hire, and any other problems they have when it comes to hiring and put together a proactive strategy to find them the perfect candidates.

With a 92% success rate and positive client feedback, the data speaks for itself.

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Benefits of partnering with Mase Consulting.

Access to candidates

A Network of Candidates

Taking a proactive approach over the last decade to build an extensive network of passive candidates has allowed our clients to gain access to some of the industry’s highest performers.

Bespoke, Strategic Approach

Our personalised and consultative approach to recruitment ensures that we identify the right fit for each of our client’s unique requirements.

Transparency with Clients

We adopt transparent and efficient processes. We keep in regular contact with our clients and offer feedback at each step of their hiring process.

Effective Hiring Solutions

We do more than recruitment. Our behavioural assessments provide insights into a candidate’s potential performance. This data-driven approach enables you to make informed hiring decisions, reducing the risk of a poor hire.

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Ready to partner with us?

At Mase Consulting, we believe that taking the time out to truly understand our client’s needs and wants for their next hire is a top priority. Once we fully understand this, we can begin to develop a strategy that has been made just for them.

We believe that this is the best way to find a candidate who not only comes with an outstanding skillset relevant to your open position but who is also a culturally perfect fit.

And the best news? We handle the entire process for you. We sift through CVs and screen potential candidates so you’re only presented with people who we think will be an amazing asset for your business. We also use behavioural assessments on candidates you want to invite to the final interview, so you can make a hiring decision that is backed by science.

This takes the hiring stresses off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other things that matter to you in your business – what’s not to love?

Ready to see how we can help with your hiring efforts?

The challenges we address and their potential impact.

Candidate Engagement

We mitigate the risk of no-shows by maintaining open communication with candidates throughout the process. Our personalised approach to niche recruitment fosters a stronger sense of commitment, reducing the likelihood of missed interviews and delays.

Screening & Evaluation

To ensure candidates meet your high-quality standards, we employ a meticulous screening process. This includes comprehensive evaluations of both technical prowess and cultural fit, plus candidate behavioural assessments, presenting you with candidates who align not only with skills but also with your company’s values.


Our transparent approach involves candid discussions with candidates about their motivations and potential counter offers. By addressing this upfront, we minimise the risk of candidates being swayed by counter offers and disrupting your hiring plans.

Motivation Alignment

We prioritise understanding candidates’ motivations, delving into their career aspirations and goals. By aligning these with your company’s ethos and opportunities, we ensure a smoother transition into their role, reducing the likelihood of misalignment.

Ethical Partnerships

We adhere to the highest ethical standards, refraining from soliciting candidates from your team for placements with other clients. This not only preserves your workforce cohesion but also fosters a trustworthy and respectful relationship between us.


Safeguarding your sensitive information is paramount. Our stringent information security measures ensure that job vacancies and sensitive details about your hiring plans remain confidential, protecting your business’s competitive edge.

We minimise the risks involved with a bad hire.

The consequences of bringing the wrong individual on board extend well beyond financial losses. A poor hire can lead to increased staff turnover and lost business opportunities.

With our behavioural assessments of candidates during the final interview stage, we can help you reduce the risk of this, allowing you to make hiring decisions backed by data rather than relying solely on gut instinct.

The best part? Our behavioural assessments come as standard in our recruitment process.

Our results speak for themselves, but it’s great to hear why our clients have chose Mase Consulting

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