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We specialise in connecting highly skilled professionals with companies within the scientific equipment sector. Our dedicated approach ensures that each match we make not only meets but surpasses the specific requirements and expectations of both our clients and candidates.

Finding you top talent in the scientific equipment field.

We thrive in recruiting technical talent from niche industries that most recruiters shy away from. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the scientific equipment industry, enabling us to find exceptional technical talent that will propel your business forward. We specialise in areas such as Spectrometry, Metrology, and Microscopy, among others.

Our recruitment strategy is customised for each client, adapting to the specific and intricate needs of you and your business. We are dedicated to connecting our clients with individuals who are not only technically proficient in your products and services but who will also drive innovation within your team.

Our extensive network of skilled professionals, combined with our deep industry knowledge, allows us to present only the best candidates for your roles. This is why we are proud to report that 96% of our placements have been successful, benefiting both the candidate and the client.

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Why choose Mase Consulting?

Access to candidates

Access to a Network of Candidates

Over the past decade, and by taking a proactive approach to the day-to-day side of the business, we have built up a bank of top-quality candidates across multiple industries and disciplines.

Bespoke, Strategic Approach

Our personalised and consultative approach to recruitment ensures that we find the right fit for each of our client’s unique requirements fast.

Transparency with Clients

We adopt transparent and efficient processes. We keep in regular contact with our clients and offer feedback at each step of their hiring process.

Cost & Time Effective Approach

We reduce costs by adopting a strategic and cost-effective approach. This includes behavioural assessments of final stage candidates. This saves our clients money and minimises the risk of a bad hire.

Our area of expertise covers the below:




Lab Automation

Analytical Instruments


Laser & Photonics


Hardness Testing

Materials Characterisations

See how our niche recruitment service could work for you.

To understand your niche recruitment needs better, we recommended scheduling what we call a ‘discovery call’ with one of our consultants. 

This is a great way to get to know each other and allows us to form the foundation of your unique recruitment strategy, so we can find you the perfect candidate fast.


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