Building a sustainable European technical sales & engineering team?

Our European reach, local expertise and vast candidate network make it simple to attract and hire high-performing, local talent.

Providing a bespoke technical sales & engineering recruitment strategy.

If you’re seeking to extend your sales or engineering team into European markets, outsourcing might seem like the obvious choice. However, there’s another avenue worth exploring: partnering with a specialist recruitment agency to build your localised team.

We recognise the hurdles involved in expanding sales and engineering teams into new territories. That’s why we provide bespoke solutions aimed at growing your in-house team, offering strategic guidance, advice, and connecting you with high-performing professionals in the European market.

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The importance of having localised teams when breaking into European markets.

Building Trust

Over 70% of companies are more likely to buy from businesses with a localised support function. It provides a sense of trust and commitment to their market.

Growing Revenue

Hiring local professionals will help drive faster growth as they have a stronger understanding of market intricacies, and can identify revenue opportunities faster.

Retaining Relationships

By having localised aftercare and service engineering teams to efficiently meet customers’ needs, you can build high levels of client satisfaction, creating brand loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

The benefits of employing an in-house European technical sales & engineering team.


In-house technical sales and engineering professionals are more likely to be motivated, inspired, and dedicated to your company’s mission, goals, and success. They will be more efficient at selling your products or services because they exclusively work towards your business’s values and objectives.

Cultural Fit

These professionals understand the local culture and business environment, which is crucial when expanding into new markets such as Europe. An in-house team ensures that your business strategies align closely with the specific needs and preferences of the market, leading to increased trust from customers, as well as greater brand awareness and sales opportunities.

More Control

Having an in-house team provides greater control over processes, from setting targets to tracking progress and measuring success. This allows for continuous improvement of your business strategies. Additionally, you can promptly address any issues and make adjustments as needed to capitalise on new opportunities.


Unlike outsourcing, where turnover can be higher and continuity within teams may be lacking, having an in-house team allows you to provide personalised training, support, and incentives tailored to your team’s needs and goals, fostering long-term commitment from your employees. It not only strengthens relationships with clients but also provides flexibility to develop and refine training processes to meet the changing needs of your business.

Expertise in specialist recruitment across Europe.

With a decade-long reputation, we are a dedicated talent partner that excels in providing specialist technical recruitment solutions across Europe, with a focus on key markets including the UK, Germany, France, and Scandinavia.

We assist our clients in identifying, uncovering, and hiring high-performing technical sales and engineering professionals in challenging industries that many recruiters avoid. With an impressive 92% placement success rate, our results speak for themselves.

Our achievements are driven by a team of committed recruitment experts dedicated to sourcing high-performing talent for your organisation.

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Why partner with Mase Consulting.

Extensive Candidate Network

Employee turnover in Europe is typically low. Over the past decade, we've consistently identified and engaged with top performers across the continent. This proactive approach positions our clients perfectly when these exceptional individuals consider new opportunities. As a result, many candidates reach out to us directly, allowing us to build a network of exclusive talent unavailable through public channels or other recruiters.

Unrivalled Expertise

Our team has been recruiting European technical sales and engineering professionals for over a decade. From building trust amongst candidates to advising employers on salary and compensation packages, we can help you build a strong, successful team.

We're Salespeople at Heart

By taking the time to gain a deep understanding of our candidates and clients, we are extremely effective at presenting fitting opportunities that align with candidates' career goals. Our meticulous assessment process ensures that you are introduced to the most suitable candidates within the industry.

Countries we recruit in.

A recent case study of one of our most challenging assignments to date.

Attracting individuals to join a Chinese manufacturer of robotics in Germany, the home of high-quality precision engineering. A market that typically buys from its own and has a jaded opinion of international manufacturers.

Explore how our tailored solutions kick-started this clients journey to success in Europe.



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salary benchmarking to expand into European markets

Want to know where to position your salaries to attract top European talent?

Salary benchmarking, also known as ‘compensation benchmarking,’ involves a detailed analysis of the market value for specific roles. For employers looking to expand, particularly in building European technical sales and engineering teams, our salary benchmarking services offer critical insights to help you competitively position your salaries.

Unlike a standard salary survey, which provides average salaries based on limited metrics, our benchmarking goes deeper. It considers various factors such as location, education, market sector, company size, and experience level.

The data gathered during our benchmarking process is customised to meet the unique requirements of each client. By thoroughly analysing the market and your competitors, we help establish a robust set of benchmarks for your salary offerings.

This ensures you can effectively position yourself in the European market to attract and retain top local talent with competitive salary and compensation packages.

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