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Over the last decade, we have built a global reputation as expert niche technical recruiters. Not only do we work side by side with our clients to identify brilliance, but we also continue to excel at even the most challenging briefs.

Our commitment to going above and beyond for our clients has solidified our position as the lead choice for both SMEs and multinational organisations who are looking for high-quality recruitment solutions.

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Our technical recruitment services.

Recognising the complexity of finding the ideal technical candidate, we tailor our recruitment solutions to help find you the highest-quality talent on the market. We proudly call ourselves niche recruiters, specialising in industries that most recruiters shy away from.

Take a look and see why we are our client’s technical recruitment company of choice.

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Hire with confidence.

We don’t just source any candidate. Our proactive approach and tailored solutions help us deliver you only the best talent.

Why partner with Mase?

With so many recruitment agencies claiming they’re the best talent partner for your business – making the right choice can become overwhelming.

If you are in a niche industry,  it is wise to look into partnering with a technical recruitment company to get the best results possible.

Going with a general recruiter could damage your business, if you’re in a hard to recruit for industry, consider working with us a team of expert niche recruiters who have proven success at finding top candidates for our clients.

See why partnering with us can help bring success to your organisation.

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Our recently delivered assignments.

Over that past decade, we’ve successfully matched over 2000 employers to their ideal candidate. Our mission is to understand the unique needs of both candidates and clients to enable us to establish great connections and long term partnerships.

Discover our successful partnerships: Case studies

Each client is unique. For over a decade, we’ve consistently supported our clients with tailored technical and sales recruitment strategies to meet all types of goals and challenges.

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The number one choice for technical sales & engineering recruitment.

Read our latest employer news.

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Our results speak for themselves, but it’s great to hear our clients singing our praises too.
Partnering with Mase Consulting for Recruitment

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To understand your recruitment needs better, we recommended scheduling what we call a ‘discovery call’ with one of our consultants.  This is a great way to get to know each other and allows us to form the foundation of your unique recruitment strategy, so we can find you the perfect candidate fast.

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