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A trusted talent partner, known for our expertise in identifying and headhunting technical sales and engineering professionals across the United Kingdom, Central, and Northern Europe.

Achieving an impressive 92% placement rate, we excel in attracting top-performing professionals in challenging industries. Supported by a team of expert recruiters, we guarantee high-calibre talent for your organisation. 

Our additional services, such as salary benchmarking, have become an essential tool for our clients to ensure they offer a competitive compensation package that goes beyond just basic salary.

Specialised Technical Sales and Engineering Recruitment Services

We understand that finding the right candidate is a challenge, but that’s what we’re here for. We pride ourselves on our proactive and collaborative approach, getting to know your business and culture to find the highest quality talent on the market.

Our services have been designed to cater to your specific hiring needs through two main approaches: contingency and retained recruitment.

Retained Recruitment

We understand that certain positions require a more customised approach. That’s why we offer a retained recruitment service led by our senior management team. With this service, clients have access to exclusive advertising campaigns, specialist headhunting services, and a dedicated delivery team. It’s the ideal solution for senior-level or niche requirements, and ensures we deliver effective results for even the most challenging hires.

Our payment structure is straightforward and equitable. We divide the fees into three equal payments: the first payment is due upon initiation of services, the second upon submission of a shortlist, and the final payment upon successful appointment.

 Before we begin providing our services, we’ll agree on the fees to ensure complete transparency and understanding of your position and requirements.

Contingency Recruitment

We offer a contingency recruitment service that provides quick and efficient hiring solutions for clients with tight deadlines. With minimal risk to the employer, we only charge a fee if we’re successful in delivering a hire. We have an extensive database of candidates, online advertising, and a market expert to manage the project through to completion. However, this service may not always be the best solution depending on your particular needs.

Our high success rate is attributed to our ability to extract key information by asking the right questions. It may seem self – explanatory, but this highly critical part of the process is often overlooked. Gathering all relevant information is imperative to the success of any project to ensure that we identify the right candidates

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Hiring with insights, not oversights.

At Mase Consulting, we integrate behavioural assessments as a vital component of our recruitment strategy. These assessments offer a deeper insight into candidates’ behaviours, preferences, and potential fit within your organisation, evaluating key behavioural traits and tendencies that traditional CVs and interviews often overlook. By doing so, they help minimise the cost of a bad hire, reducing the financial risks associated with hiring decisions.

Interested to see how much a bad hire can cost your business? Find out by using our cost of a bad hire calculator.

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Want to know how your salaries compare to your competitors?

Salary benchmarking, also referred to as ‘compensation benchmarking,’ is a thorough analysis of the market value for a specific role.

Unlike a basic salary survey, which provides average salaries based on a limited set of metrics, salary benchmarking offers much more detail. It considers various factors affecting an individual’s salary package, such as location, education, market sector, company size, and experience level.

The data collected during the benchmarking process is tailored to the specific needs of each client. By analysing the market and competitors, you can establish a reliable set of benchmarks for your own salary offerings. This helps you compete for top talent effectively without overpaying.



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