What is retained recruitment?

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Retained recruitment is known for its thoroughness and dedication to finding the best candidates. But what exactly is it and how can it benefit your organisation?

Understanding Retained Recruitment

Retained recruitment is when a company like Mase Consulting is hired with an upfront fee to exclusively search for candidates. This is different from contingency recruitment, where fees are paid only after a hire is successful. With retained recruitment, we work exclusively for you, putting a lot of time and resources into finding the right candidates.

How Retained Recruitment Works

It starts with a detailed discussion between you, the employer, and our team. We make sure to understand your needs, company culture, and exactly what qualifications are needed for the job. This understanding is crucial for us to plan our search effectively.

Then, we use our networks, databases, and industry knowledge to find potential candidates. We search for both active job seekers and those who might not be looking but could be a great fit for your organisation.

After identifying potential candidates, we thoroughly screen and interview them to make sure they meet your requirements. We then present you with a shortlist of the best candidates, including detailed profiles and our insights.

We continue to support you through the interview process, negotiating offers, and even helping with onboarding, to make sure the hiring process goes smoothly.

Benefits of Retained Recruitment

  • Exclusive Dedication: We focus completely on your hiring needs, which allows us to concentrate our efforts on finding the best candidates.

  • Thorough Search: The retained model lets us conduct a detailed and careful search, reaching out to passive candidates who might not be found through regular methods.

  • Quality First: We prioritise finding candidates who are a perfect match for your role and company culture, rather than just filling the position quickly.

  • Strategic Partnership: Retained recruitment builds a closer relationship between you and our team, ensuring we understand your needs and can tailor our search accordingly.

Maximising the Benefits

To get the most out of retained recruitment, it’s important to build a strong partnership with us at Mase Consulting. Clear communication about your needs and regular updates will help us meet your expectations.

Consider using retained recruitment for key roles and combining it with other methods like contingency recruitment for other positions, for a well-rounded hiring strategy.


Retained recruitment is a strategic way for organisations to find high-quality candidates through an exclusive and thorough search process. By understanding how it works and its benefits, HR managers and business owners can use this approach to secure top talent in today’s competitive job market.

At Mase Consulting, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional retained recruitment services to meet your hiring needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the right candidates for your organisation.

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