What is contingency recruitment?

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Businesses are continually searching for the most effective strategies to attract and hire high performing talent. One such strategy is contingency recruitment. This approach can offer substantial benefits to HR managers and business owners alike, providing a flexible and results-driven method of sourcing candidates. But what is contingency recruitment, and how can it serve your organisation?

Understanding Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment is a type of hiring process where a recruitment agency, like ours, is only paid a fee once a candidate we recommend is successfully hired. Unlike retained recruitment, which involves an upfront fee regardless of the hiring outcome, contingency recruitment is entirely results-oriented. This means that if we do not deliver a suitable candidate who gets hired, there is no cost to the employer.

How Contingency Recruitment Works

The process begins with a detailed briefing from you, the employer, outlining the specific requirements for the role, the desired qualifications, and any other pertinent details. We then leverage our extensive resources to source and screen potential candidates. Using a variety of methods, including job boards, social media, and our existing database of professionals, we identify individuals who match your criteria.

Once potential candidates are identified, we conduct preliminary screenings and interviews to ensure they are a good fit before presenting them to you. If you decide to hire one of the candidates we present, we receive a fee, usually a percentage of the new hire’s starting salary. If none of the candidates are hired, you incur no cost.

Benefits of Contingency Recruitment

Cost-Effective Hiring

Contingency recruitment is a cost-effective hiring solution as employers only pay a fee if a candidate is successfully placed. This eliminates financial risk and aligns the recruiter’s incentives with the employer’s goals. Companies with limited resources or those looking to manage their recruitment budgets effectively benefit from this model, as there are no upfront costs.

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

Contingency recruitment agencies have extensive networks and databases, providing employers with access to a broad range of candidates. These agencies work across various industries and sectors, bringing diverse skills and experiences to the table. This helps in finding better matches for job requirements, ensuring candidates meet both technical and cultural fit.

Speed and Efficiency

The contingency recruitment model drives recruiters to fill positions quickly since they are paid only upon successful placement. This urgency leads to a faster hiring process, which is beneficial for companies needing to fill roles urgently. Recruiters’ expertise also ensures a streamlined hiring process, reducing the workload on internal HR teams.

Maximising the Benefits of Contingency Recruitment

To get the most out of contingency recruitment, it’s crucial to work closely with us as your recruitment partners. Clear and open communication about your needs, company culture, and the specific skills required will help us better understand the profile of the ideal candidate. Regular updates and feedback can also ensure that the process stays on track and aligns with your expectations..


Contingency recruitment is a dynamic and flexible option for businesses looking to fill roles efficiently and cost-effectively. By understanding its mechanisms, benefits, and challenges, you can strategically leverage this approach to secure high performing individuals in today’s competitive job market. Whether you’re seeking to streamline your recruitment process or broaden your candidate reach, contingency recruitment can be a valuable addition to your hiring toolkit.

At Mase Consulting, we are committed to providing exceptional contingency recruitment services to meet your hiring needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the right candidates for your organisation.

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