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How to write a CV : the perfect guide.

Writing the perfect CV can be a difficult task, and perhaps a little overwhelming. This guide is to help you on your way to writing a CV that will stand out from the crowd when you apply for your next role.

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how to write a cv

Below is all the tips and trick you need to know how to write a CV. From our experience as recruiters, we have found a certain format works best with employers. That is why we have created the template for you, ready for all of your information. This CV template will work across most professionals and industries. However, if you are in a more creative role, you may want to consider a CV that reflects your particular skills.

So if you already have a winning CV, but you just need to put it into a winning template, you can download that here.

Making your CV ATS-friendly: A step-by-step guide.

In today’s modern world, most employers use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to asses and screen CVs that they get sent. But, how do you write a CV that is ATS-friendly?

Don’t worry, our team have got you covered. We have put together this comprehensive guide to show you how. It’s packed with helpful tips from optimising your keywords on your CV, to choosing a simple layout.

Make sure your CV beats the bots and gets noticed by the right people. Read our guide on how to write an ATS-friendly CV by clicking the link below.

learning how to make your CV ats friendly

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