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How to prepare for a job interview and stand out against other candidates.

Interview prep is vital in order to be successful within the interview process and stand out against others.  Some of the core areas to consider include the following.

how to prepare for an interview
job interview preparation

Research into the Employer.

Fully researching the business you are meeting is vital, as the majority of clients will ask “what do you know about our organisation?”.  The internet can provide endless historical and present information on the organisation you are meeting, but simply glancing at a company website and reviewing the basics will no longer make you stand out within a competitive market. Areas to focus your research on include:

Don’t worry about memorising all the company information; most employers don’t mind candidates coming armed with a notepad of facts and figures. It should be written in bullet point format for your reference only. 

Try to avoid pages of information and stick to a maximum of one side of A4.

If anything, we find clients are more impressed that candidates have taken the time to make notes than just glancing at their company website.

4 important things to know when preparing for your job interview.

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Who your interviewers are.

We would always recommend you review the profile and background of the interview panel on prior to your meeting. This can be extremely insightful and allow you to understand more about the businesses/markets they have worked within and their personal interests. This will help you develop a rapport with the interviewers on the day.

Your skills and experience.

No matter what level of role you are interviewing for you will find a large percentage of the interview will focus around you, your skills and past experience.  So although it seems an obvious area to prepare on, it’s one which candidates overlook the most.  

Your CV

Knowing your CV is vital, as clients will be keen to learn more about what interested you about a certain role, what you didn’t enjoy about the position, reasons for leaving companies, salary package, duties, achievements etc. It is important you’re able to give a good account of your skills and focus on drawing synergy between your past experience and the position on offer. Most clients are looking for related examples and will therefore ask scenario based questions allowing you to draw on your own experiences to answer.

The job description.

Reviewing the job description in detail prior to your interview is critical. It will allow you to not only understand more about the employer's requirements but allow you to tailor your pitch in the interview.  Naturally, it makes more sense to spend time talking about the areas of your experience that have the most relevance to the position on offer.

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Prepare questions to ask in your job interview.

Treat any interview as a two way conversation, to not only allow the employer to assess your skills but for you to assess if the business and opportunity is right for you.

It is essential you are armed with intelligent questions that will make the interviewers sit back and think about before answering.

Luckily, our team have put together a comprehensive list of questions to ask in your job interview ( and which ones to avoid). You can read the guide by clicking the link below.

Preparing for a job interview

More interview tips.

As much as it is important to do your research for your job interview into the potential employers, job description, culture etc, it is also really important to plan for the day itself.

From being on time to looking the part – there are so many things to consider ahead of your interview.

For the best tips on preparing for your job interview, read our guide by clicking the link below.

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