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Our European reach, local expertise and vast candidate network make it simple to attract, hire, and pay high performing, local talent.

Speclised technical sales recruitment strategies.

If you’re seeking to extend your sales team into European markets, outsourcing might seem like the obvious choice. However, there’s another avenue worth exploring: partnering with a recruitment agency to build your sales force.

We recognise the hurdles involved in expanding sales teams into new territories. That’s why we provide bespoke solutions aimed at growing your in-house team, offering strategic guidance, and connecting you with high-performing technical sales professionals in the European market.

The importance of sales roles when breaking into European markets.

Revenue Growth

Hiring a European technical sales professionals helps drive growth to your business as they have a strong understanding of market intricacies, and can identify local revenue opportunities faster.

Aquisition and Retention

Skilled technical sales teams build and nurture long-term relationships, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, trust and brand awareness with your services.

Market Expansion

Sales roles play an important part in broadening market presence, whether by building your brand to new audiences, or gaining the trust of local customers.

The benefits of hiring an in-house European technical sales team.


In-house technical sales professionals are more likely to be motivated, inspired, and dedicated to your company’s mission, goals, and success. They will be more efficient at selling your products or services because they exclusively work towards your business’s values and objectives.

Cultural Fit

These professionals understand the local culture and business environment, which is important when expanding into new markets like Europe. An in-house team ensures that your sales strategies are closely aligned with the specific needs and preferences of the market, leading to increased brand awareness and sales opportunities.

More Control

Having an in-house team provides greater control over the sales process, from setting targets to tracking progress and measuring success. This allows you to continuously improve your sales strategy. Additionally, you can address any issues and make adjustments to capitalise on new opportunities.


Unlike outsourcing, where training can be more challenging, you can offer tailored training, support, and incentives that align with your team’s needs and goals. This allows for more personalised development opportunities and the ability to continuously refine and improve training processes.

We can help build your European technical sales team.

A dedicated talent partner that boasts a decade-long reputation for providing specialist technical recruitment solutions across Europe with a focus on the UK, Germany and France. 

Supporting our clients to identify, unearth and attract high-performing sales and technical professionals across challenging industries that most recruiters shy away from. With an exceptional 92% placement rate for our clients, our numbers speak for themselves. 

Our success is backed by a team of dedicated recruitment experts, who are all driven and committed to engaging top-tier talent for your organisation.

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Why partner with Mase Consulting

Exstensive Candidate Network

Typically, employment turnover in Europe is low. Tap into our vast network of candidates in Europe, most of which are not actively seeking new opportunities. Our recruiters can pitch your company to them, making you stand out against the competitors.

Unrivalled Expertise

Our team have been working within European markets for over a decade. From candidate connections, to salary and compensation packages, our team can build a stretgy for you to competitively buil a strong, successful sales team.

We're Salespeople at Heart

We are salespeople at heart. Our team of expert technical sales recruiters possess the knowledge to effectively market your roles to salespeople. Our meticulous screening and assessments ensure that you are presented with only the best candidates.

Breaking into Europe: How Our Recruitment Solutions Paved the Way to Success

By designing attractive salary and compensation packages and reaching out to candidates who weren’t actively job hunting, we kickstarted their European journey. Our tailored recruitment solutions provided the solid base they needed to enter and thrive in the market. Learn how we helped them begin their European adventure and set the stage for success.

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